Presentation of the European Federations – ROUNDNET AUSTRIA

Roundnet Germany’s International department strives to bring to roundnet aficionados located in Germany and Europe worthy roundnet news from outside our borders. We asked various NGB’s how they lived last year’s and roundnet’s biggest event yet: the Worlds, what exciting projects they currently develop to bring roundnet further at their national level, where the hottest roundnet communities are and which tournaments are open to international players. We hope you will enjoy this series – today with Roundnet Austria!
On top, international tournaments start now to be listed on our RG PlayerZone, so watch out!

1. Your Worlds Ranking, and overall feedback on the tournament

I think it’s safe to say that all of us enjoyed this tournament massively. It was absolutely motivating to compete as a squad.
For the men our win against France in the quarterfinals was such an emotional memory that all of us will keep in our heads forever. 
For the Women making that podium with a win against our neighbour Switzerland in the quarterfinals and then a win against Canada in the 3rd place match (after losing to the US) was such a big success and we couldn’t have been more proud. It was also overwhelming how many countries and different cultures came together on that long weekend. It really created the feeling that even if the event would not have been as well organized and nicely planned as it was, it would have still been an unbelievable experience!

2. Current Roundnet National Champion presentation in all available categories.

  • Women: Tiramisu (@tiramisu_roundnet) consisting of Daniela Kadlec and Megan Leybourne.
  • Men: Future Burnouts consisting of Raffael Jonas and Markus Anderle.
  • Coed/Mixed: Ananas Rosé consisting of Daniela Kadlec and Raffael Jonas.

3. Hot Roundnet Hubs in your country: where are located the biggest roundnet communities.

It used to be Graz but now the biggest Roundnet community is located in Vienna, then following Graz, Lustenau, Mühlviertel, Innsbruck and more and more coming up..

4. 2023 expectations for Roundnet growth in your country (players base growth, how many new clubs and so on)

We are currently 5 official clubs and growing. There are also some communities who are not a club yet. We hope that due to more tournaments coming up this season and the first Austrian Rankings starting we’ll be able to grow our community and motivate people to help with that too!

5. Projects at the NGB (e.g. national team, club, individual ranking, pro division etc.)

As already mentioned we will have our first Ranking for the Roundnet Austria Tour Series. Also we will try to promote Roundnet Austria and therefore the sport and help with any initiatives that can help motivate more players to get interested in roundnet and play tournaments.

6. The big upcoming national and/or international events taking place in your country this year.

There will be one of the ETS Stops in Vienna on the 19th and 20th of August, which will be the biggest event we ever had in Austria.
Also our RA Tour Series is bigger than ever and we look forward to how many old and new players will come and make this a big success.

7. Any tournaments open for international players forecasted already?

Yes, the ETS Vienna on the 19th and 20th of August!

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